About Us

"Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them" - C Everett Koop, MD Surgeon General of the US
Catalyst Health Rx previously known as Thrive Pharmacy Solutions is truly redefining the pharmacy world to help you make taking medications simpler and more convenient. Thrive was created to drive better health for patients by offering high touch pharmacist interactions with each patient.
Thrive Pharmacy Solutions has partnered with Catalyst Health Network, an association of independent physicians dedicated to improving patient care while reducing overall costs, to keep people healthy by maintaining their prescriptions. Helping patients to obtain and take their medication as prescribed and being actively engaged in their therapy is the cornerstone of Thrive's mission. We work directly with your primary care physician and any other specialists to ensure you are active on all of your medications needed, discontinued medications are removed from your list, and that you never to to worry about running out!

Ask About Simple Sync - our free program to get all of your medications aligned to be filled on the same day each month! Never make multiple trips to a pharmacy again!
Last Updated: 1/9/2020
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