Ask Your Pharmacist
How can I transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy?
Give us a call at 214-291-5087 and we can do all the work so your prescription will be ready for you!
How can I have all of my prescriptions filled on the same day together?
We will work with your physician to align all of your refills and “sync” them to be filled on the same day each month. We call it Simple Sync! It redefines convenience for you, taking all of the work out of remembering to refill multiple medications and the time needed to pick them up! Best of all, Simple Sync is a free service!
Can you deliver my prescriptions?
We offer free local delivery for those enrolled in Simple Sync!
Do you accept my insurance?
We accept virtually all insurances, including Medicare Part D.
Will my prescriptions cost more at your pharmacy?
Insurance is insurance…meaning the price at our pharmacy is the same as it is at any other pharmacy! And we work with many manufacturers directly on their patient assistance programs to find additional discounts that you won’t receive at other pharmacies. If you don’t have insurance or your medication isn’t covered, we offer a deep discount plan and use our manufacturer discount programs to find you the lowest cost possible.
I heard you have a unique packaging program for those taking multiple medications?
Yes! We offer a unique way to package your medications to organize them by time of day you take them. It is free for all patients. Check out our Convenience packaging
What if I am out of refills? Can I still refill my prescription online?
Yes! If you are out of refills, we will contact your prescriber to obtain a refill on your prescriptions.